Welcome! This website is to help the general public safely use laser pointers, handheld lasers and consumer laser show projectors emitting visible beams. It also has resources for manufacturers, and information for laser safety experts.
To find out how to safely use your laser, look on its label for the laser's Class, then go to the appropriate page:

More information about Classes is here. For additional information about laser safety, see our Links and resources page.
We have developed labels that you can use, right now, to better inform the public about laser safety.

Use the large Laser Safety Facts label (shown on this page) on your packaging, brochures, website and user manual. Use smaller labels on the lasers themselves -- these have links which take users to the information at this website.

More details about the entire Laser Safety Facts concept are here. Labels are here:

Note that we can also provide you with custom labels, and custom webpages, for special products such as multi-beam laser projectors. Here are examples of a custom label and its corresponding custom webpage.

FREE TO USE: The labels are copyright free, and are free to use or modify. Be sure any modifications conform to laws in the area where the laser will be sold and/or used. The top part of the label (yellow triangle, Class designation, and red eye hazard warning) conforms to IEC 60825. However you can replace this with any other label format which is legal in your area; see examples here.
The Laser Safety Facts concept gives consumers more information about hazards of visible lasers such as pointers, handhelds, and laser show projectors.

The concept includes detailed labeling for laser packaging and marketing (example), and a smaller, simpler label for the laser itself (example). Labels on portable or outdoor lasers will include a specific warning against aiming at aircraft.

Each label has a link back to this website. The link normally goes to a general page for the laser's Class, such as this Class 4 safety information page.

But there are also options so that a particular laser's link goes to a dedicated, custom webpage which details the hazards of that particular laser. Here are examples of a custom label and its corresponding custom webpage.

At this time, using Laser Safety Facts labeling is voluntary for manufacturers. But it could also become an official, mandated FDA program like their Nutrition Facts and Drug Facts labels.

More information about the Laser Safety Facts concept is here.